Harry Potter & the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany




You may have heard of this one…

I’ve purposefully steered clear of reviews myself to keep this as “secret” as possible going into it, but apart from a few nods to the original series, Cursed Child attempts to forge its own path, borrowing from the series and leaning on its original threads.

Seeing as this is a script, it’s obvious from the outset that one would benefit from seeing this unfold in front of you, the magic especially seeeming like it would be an amazing feat to pull off.

Comparing this to the books is a disservice to all involved, not least since this was written for a different medium than the written word.   The Cursed Child does try to cover a large timescale, but again given the medium, it is presented in scenes and so seems like only a short amount of time has passed.   Unlike each of the books, this isn’t spread out over a school year, but rather within a few important days in the lives of Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter.

The story itself thunders along at a furious pace, with twists galore for the main characters Albus, Scorpius, Harry and Hermione.   All the old favourites are there too, either by mention or by appearance, some of them relevant to the plot, others too important in the world of Harry Potter not to mention.   We get some more information on what our heroes have been up to in this future timeline, picking up exactly where the original series left off.

All in all, The Cursed Child is an entertaining rollercoaster adventure in a world we’re all familiar with, and love to debate and devour.   We live in an era where adults still and always will debate the semantics of the series and where everyone has by now sorted themselves into a house in Hogwarts.   Harry Potter-related vocabulary has become part of the zeitgeist, and its influence weighs heavily on children’s and YA fiction all over the world.   The Cursed Child is full of the themes we come to expect such as bravery, love and friendship, and there’s something here for fanatics and casual fans alike.

In a franchise which will never die, The Cursed Child is one of the newer forays into this universe, which will undoubtedly expand well beyond the original book series and movies, especially with two Fantastic Beasts movies on the way, as well as more short stories being released.   Whether these will be as adored and accepted as the original series remains to be seen, but we will all continue to debate and devour as long as the expansion continues.


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