Underrated – The Ross Bentley series


I wanted to write a post dedicated to this series of books by Ian Somers, an Irish author and an Irish publisher, O’Briens.   I think it’s an underrated series and one that should get lots more attention!

The premise of the first book (The Million Dollar Gift) in the series is simple – if you can show up to a contest and prove you have superhuman skills, you win a million dollars.   This grabs the attention of Ross Bentley, who has the gift of telekenesis, and he can’t let the chance go by.   But all is not as it seems and soon he must use his skills to protect himself in a dark, dangerous world.


Ian Somers takes this premise and builds a high-stakes world, full of a myriad of characters with varying gifts.   Throw in a love story along the way, and it’s a fast-paced trilogy, jumping from action sequence to action sequence as the fate of the world becomes Ross’ main concern.

Each book in the trilogy has a satisfactory climax of its own, while the overall arc of Ross as a character and the development of his skills keep you wanting to read about how he turns out.

By the third book (The Secret Gift), the reader has come full circle with Ross as we see him briefly flirt with returning to his normal life and it’s an effective device in reminding us how much has happened over the course of the trilogy.


Somers manages to come up with new gifts and fresh action scenes in each book and you become invested in the fate of the characters, none of which are guaranteed to survive by the way!

For fans of action adventure like Alex Rider but also for fans of fantasy stories set in the real world.


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