Salt and Stone by Victoria Scott (YA)

*Spoilers for Book 1 (Fire and Flood)*

Victoria Scott left us in the middle of Tella’s epic race to find a cure for her brother’s terminal illness.   We now know that along with trying to win, Tella is working alongside Guy to take down the evil entity that is the Brimstone Bleed, which adds an interesting layer to the need to win.

Salt and Stone sees Tella and the other contenders drawn into a sea landscape and finally a snowy mountain.   Scott is brutal with her twists in this instalment, with nobody safe from jellyfish, sharks, crevasses and murder by each other’s hands.

Tella’s character develops well in this book and we can see her motivation broaden to caring about the Pandora characters, wondering where they came from and what will happen to them after the race.   This is all compounded by the fact that her compassion seems to attract other Pandoras’ allegiance to her.

This instalment is a more confidently written one, the difficult world-building out of the way in the first book.

Scott leaves us with plenty to chew on until the next and (presumably) final book in the series hits.   Stronger than Fire and Flood and leaves you exhausted but wanting more of the action.


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