Vendetta by Catherine Doyle


Yet another of Ireland’s burgeoning posse of YA authors, Catherine Doyle made a splash in the last couple of years with her debut novel, Vendetta, the first in a series of books in which we dive into the world of Sophie Gracewell, a typical teenager with a part-time job and an average life.   This all changes when she meets Nicoli, one of a family of Italian-Americans who move into the big old house in the neighbourhood.   She immediately starts to fall for the soft heart but hard edge of Nic.

To say much past this would be to spoil the plot, but it’s enough to say that Catherine Doyle’s writing entices the reader into the world of Nic and his brothers with the main character, while encouraging her in your brain to run away, very fast.   This doesn’t seem to be a phrase in Sophie’s vocabulary.

It all mounts to a breakneck and tense finale and leaves you looking for more.   The second instalment, Inferno, was released in January last.


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