The Next Together by Lauren James (YA)


The Next Together introduces us to Matthew and Katherine, or is it Matt and Kate, or Lady Katherine and Matthew.   After a bewildering first chapter or so, we find ourselves following several interconnecting storylines.   Katherine and Matthew are destined to meet in several lives over the course of hundreds of years, taking in important events like the potential release of a deadly virus in the near future and the Crimean War.   But to what end?

The author cleverly makes use of historical events to hypothesise a number of ‘What if?’ scenarios, while having fun with the near future, gently ribbing at our worrying habits of oversharing  and social networking.   The main theme is that of a love story however, and Matthew and Katherine must constantly find each other in their timelines, and then complete a task which occurs to them during these lives.

The story reaches a satisfactory conclusion and although there is more to come in the series, there is enough here to make it feel like a well thought out and complete piece of work.


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