Liar and Spy by Rebecca Stead (middle grade)



Georges has just moved home, to a new apartment in the same neighbourhood he has lived in for his whole life, in Brooklyn, New York.   He meets a boy called Safer, who wants to start a spy club, starting with the case of the mysterious Mr X.   Meanwhile, Georges’ family struggle to adapt to their new home as his mother pulls seemingly endless shifts at the hospital.

When You Reach Me was the book that introduced me to Rebecca Stead, and Liar and Spy has a similar geography and element of mystery to it.   Stead’s style is deceptively simple, relying on interesting characters and snappy dialogue.   Her stories are endearing and refreshing in their simplicity in a way that is difficult to put your finger on.

Either way, Liar and Spy serves as an intriguing short mystery book, ideal for reading in one sitting.


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