Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon


This is the story of a girl and a boy, with one unusual obstacle in the way of their even meeting each other.   Madeleine is an avid book-reader and an intelligent young woman with an interest in architecture as a career, just turned 18.   Madeleine is also diagnosed with a rare disease, which confines her to her house, all the time.   She could become sick and die from any number of outside influences, so she stays in her house with a full-time nurse and her mother.   When a family moves in next door, Olly, the boy who climbs onto the roof, piques her interest immediately.

Everything, Everything is a really heartfelt and well-written look at a teenage love and lust, and the scenes where Olly and Maddy interact, whether online or otherwise, are beautifully written.   We experience Maddy’s awakening to the possibilities of a life outside, after years of acceptance of her reality, knowing she can’t risk leaving the purified air of her house.

Nicole Yoon compliments the narrative with diagrams and illustrations provided by her husband, right from the inner workings of Maddy’s brain.

The resulting story is a sweet and tender one, dealing with some contemporary YA issues, while developing characters which are genuinely engaging.



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