Every Day by David Levithan (YA)



Clever concept, cleverly told.

A, the main character here, wakes up every day in a different 16 year old body.   A usually attempts to leave as little an impression on the person’s life for that day, until he meets Rhiannon.

David Levithan’s concept is deceptively simple, and interwoven with a classic romance, working well on a number of levels.   The Quantum Leap type scenario brings a freshness every few chapters as A changes bodies.   Central to the themes of this story is an acceptance of whatever you are or choose to be as a person.   The main love story is complemented by various subplots, which arise because of A’s constant body-swapping.   The subplots deal with a range of subjects such as obesity, gender, addiction to name a few.

Levithan doesn’t attempt to explain why A changes bodies or how it all started, but the pace and urgency of the central narrative and a plethora of interesting characters mean the reader learns about A’s world organically, as he/she does.   The author leaves practicalities aside occasionally in favour of returning to the main romance.   Early on, you find yourself engaged with the character of A, and intrigued as to what will happen eventually, so the author does his job of hooking the reader in with ease.

A quick and easy read, with lots of issues tackled and topical messages on body image and acceptance of individuals imparted.


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