13 Days of Midnight by Leo Hunt – review (YA)

This book was recommended on the cover for fans of Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant series and I guess in terms of genre it is similar but this story has a different feel and style of its own.

The main hook of the book is boy inherits £6m…and 8 ghosts who want him dead.   We enter Luke Manchett’s world as he is told about the death of his estranged father.   The story follows a tight timeline over the course of a few weeks as Luke struggles to control the spirits he has inherited with the help of a new-found friend, Elza, and his dog Ham.

Hunt’s descriptions are the main strength of the novel.   The action takes place in a small, sleepy town and Hunt paints a picture of the impending doom rolling over the town brilliantly.   The near-Hallowe’en setting works well without being clichéd.   The story moves along at a good pace and the reader is drawn in by curiosity over the various ghosts, and by the first-person, present tense narration.

In terms of plotting, 13 Days is relatively straightforward, and it was at times difficult to follow the various functions of each of the ghosts.   Having said that, Hunt makes it clearer towards the latter third of the book as you would expect, the mythology surrounding his mysterious father.

13 Days of Midnight is an enjoyable read, with plenty of dark humour and lots for fans of supernatural adventure to get their teeth into.


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